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To ensure and monitor the effectiveness of its modules, urbanwinddesign has designed and deployed multi-level services dedicated to optimizing AeroCube's performance.

Tracking System


urbanwinddesign has created a complex and proprietary calculation model. This software allows you to evaluate your annual electricity generation potential, using objective data such as official wind statistics, your house/project configuration, and the surrounding environment, to estimate the Annual Cumulative Power Production Potential.

We have developed a unique tool called AeroSite to forecast this. The dimensions, pitch, and orientation of your roof are entered into a computer program and mapped against our database of local weather data. Based on the historically known weather patterns of your area, our simulator predicts the expected yield on an annual basis. This allows you to calculate how many modules your configuration should have.

This solution is able to measure data and communicate them on multiple devices, tracking:

  • Instant energy production
  • Money saved according to house parameters
  • Battery management system
  • And more...



AeroCube is a concept that allows customers with limited roof space, as well as those with large roofs, to produce clean energy at home. For large installations, multiple modules are simply daisy-chained together and finished off as one integrated system.

AeroSite is a proprietary modeling software tool designed to quantify electrical output and qualify AeroCube installation in advance:

  • Calculates the energy production, expressed in KW.h produced per year, for each AeroCube module.
  • Based on technical parameters (AeroCube specs), site wind potential and building characteristics, such as ridge orientation, roof angle, location, orientation, and slope of the roof.
  • This software is unique, proprietary, and protected. It continues to be researched and further developed.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation and maintenance

Modular units are factory assembled and delivered on site, ready to install on your roof by qualified installers, specially trained and certified by urbanwinddesign. Installation is fast, cheap, and easy.

Partner companies are selected based on technical qualifications and skill, their internal sales force, and their experience with/capacity for installing roof-mounted systems.

To ensure a qualified installation staff, AeroCube certifies installers following training issued at a dedicated urbanwinddesign training center. urbanwinddesign provides technical training centers in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Europe for its licensees in order to get installation staff properly trained and qualified.

urbanwinddesign has started developing a network of carefully selected distribution partners and has signed contracts with leading companies in key regions (with the highest wind potential) chosen as priority markets. Additionally, urbanwinddesign has signed strategic partnerships (for technical, industrial, and commercial cooperation) with major industrial and utility players in selected regions.