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  • Aesthetically integrated
  • Non intrusive and problem free
  • Multi-directional optimization
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • Built “ready to run”
  • Up to 500KW.h/year clean energy

AeroCube - A unique concept for all

AeroCube is a renewable energy production device able to generate local electricity from the wind and supply a portion of the house’s electricity needs. It is suitable for installment in urban and suburban environments without any unusual noise or the hindrances that go with standard wind turbine installations. AeroCube fully integrates into the landscape of your building’s design.


Venturi Design

urbanwinddesign designed AeroCube to utilize the natural acceleration of wind over a pitched roof. Somewhat like the upper part of an airplane wing, pitched roofs create a longer path for wind to cross. Covering a longer distance causes the air to increase in speed.

AeroCube offers superior performance compared to a freestanding rotor. The gains achieved through increasing the wind speed inside the AeroCube module’s Venturi shape greatly compensates for the directional sensitivity.

High Wind Tolerance

For all winds of up to 60 degrees deviation of the perpendicular angle, a net acceleration is achieved. 60° left and right means 120° on each side of the roof. So, for both roof sides there is 240° of the total 360° for which AeroCube creates faster wind.

Performance boosting design

Depending on the actual geometry of each individual house, acceleration levels of up to 1.6 times the free wind speed have been measured in our tests. The increase in speed has an exponential effect on the available energy.



Length x Height* x Depth 1.50m x 0.9m x (2.10m to 2.20m) or 59in x 35.5in x 87in * Height is meant from the roof ridge to the top of the module


Average weight-on-roof* of a fully functioning, ready-to-install AeroCube unit is approx. 100kgs / 220lbs * Excluding electronic regulation installed in-house


AeroCube adapts directly and can be customized to any roof angle between 140° to 80°

Hight performances and low dimensions

  • Exploits the “Venturi” effect right on your roof
  • Clean and natural energy, free and available everywhere
  • Combining AeroCube modules allows you to customize the dimensions of the installation to fit your needs
  • First ever wind turbine officially certified compliant to building regulations in France (CSTB 2011-#2011-138 CAPE)

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