harness local renewable energy. think global, act local.


urbanwinddesign develops original, renewable energy solutions that let people easily participate in generating clean electricity through wind power right in their homes or urban environment.

Big changes always require a step-by-step approach. Evolution towards a more energy-efficient generation requires that every individual gets involved. We believe in the power of creativity, science, and good engineering practices. And we use all of these with a relentless commitment to innovation.

We believe that a big leap towards responsible, global energy production needs to be made with small, committed steps. This is why we have developed a range of solutions for individuals in urban environments.


urbanwinddesign enlists only the best engineers and scientists, and motivates them to leave no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing performance, innovation, and accuracy.

As a company we invest heavily in advanced research, efficient development practices, and innovative technology. From conception to testing, a broad range of technologies are employed, such as Virtual Functional Prototyping, Computational Fluid Dynamics, 3D and Holographic Simulation, Rapid Prototype Development, Wind Tunnel, and Live Testing.

Standards & Testing

AeroCube is fully compliant with existing norms and standards. AeroCube has been designed to resist high winds on rooftops and to comply with NV65 (European norm) and CM66 standards.

  • High wind resistance. Compliant with wind zone 4 (wind speed up to 182.5Km/h or 115MPH) at 10 and 25-meter heights
  • Resistant to snow load up to 339Kg/m2 applicable on a 1.96m2 roof surface
  • No vibrations or structural hazard in the rotor operating speed range (tested up to 600RPM for a rotating mass of 16Kgs)

Multiple awards have already distinguished the innovative design and technology of AeroCube.


Every AeroCube is installed by our specially qualified staff, who apply the urbanwinddesign standards for the safest, most efficient installation. The result is a product life span of at least 20 years, even under extreme conditions.

urbanwinddesign provides technical training centers (Training Centers are available in Texas, USA, in Dubai, UAE and in France, EU) to its licensees in order to get installation staff properly trained and qualified.


AeroCube components are manufactured mostly with recycled materials, especially for plastic parts, which are made up of 80% recycled PEHD plastic.

AeroCube modules (roof and sides) can be coated with tiles and textures similar to your existing building roof and walls in order to respect your local architecture. Installation of AeroCube is reversible and you may return your roof to its original conditions anytime, without any damage.

Carbon Offset

AeroCube produces clean energy from your roof and annually offsets the equivalent CO2 footprint of a small urban vehicle driven 10,000 km/year.