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Where are AeroCube modules made?

AeroCube manufacturing can be launched parallel to the first agreements with our installation partners.

What is AeroCube made of?

Materials include:

  • Steel (stainless steel or rust protected/coated steel)
  • Aluminum
  • Recycled plastic (up to 80% of recycled PEHD)


How does it cost?

The cost depends on the license chosen by the customer.

How much does it save?

The production of an AeroCube depends on a number of factors, such as the wind potential in your area, the orientation of the house, and the topography of the surrounding terrain. These elements will be taken into account in the AeroSite simulation. We strive to provide you with the most accurate wind potential estimate for your roof.

Is it possible to plan the save?

Thanks to the AeroSite platform, it is possible to integrate parameters that support energy production projections. How much the AeroCube saves depends on the home equipment and user’s habits. AeroCube can be connected to a local battery system to manage the energy produced.


How much electricity does one turbine produce?

Depending on your location and house, one AeroCube module will be able to deliver up to 500+ KW.h/year, per module.

Are AeroCube wind turbines noisy?

There is no audible noise or vibration generated under normal operating conditions.

How many AeroCube turbines power a household?

Depends on the size of the roof and the wind capacity. The production potential depends on home location (wind potential), the orientation of the house (roof), and the surrounding topography.


Is it possible to connect the turbine to the grid?

AeroCube is dedicated to both on-grid or off-grid uses. It is possible to connect it according to local norms. The generator produces three phases of an alternating current, which is then processed by the inverter to convert DC power and turn it into a compatible current with either 230V-50Hz, which is required for production. It is then re-injected and used on the electric network provided for homes.

Are there any changes to the wiring of the house?

No changes in the house’s wiring are required. urbanwinddesign provides an inverter which feeds 230V-50Hz.



How long does it take to complete installation?

Installation calendars needs to take into account 2 key elements:

  • Project planning, regulations, and local building authorizations, which are mainly local and need to be researched before validating the project.
  • Technical installation time, which is undertaken by trained and qualified staff and is estimated to approx. 1 day per AeroCube to install. This may vary according to on-site installation complexity.

What are some of the current legislation issues regarding wind power?

AeroCubes is compliant with most standards on the different markets targeted geographically. The aesthetic and off-grid norms are different for every country. The French NV65 AeroCube meets the standards for wind and snow loads up to zone 4.

How much space do I need for a turbine?

For one AeroCube, the minimum size required is 1.5m / 59 in. length. According to the size of your roof and the energy needed, it is possible to add several AeroCubes installed in an array.

Do wind turbines affect radar systems or TV reception?

Small wind turbines are unlikely to have any detrimental effects on aviation and associated radar or navigation systems. In general, turbines with small diameters are unlikely to have effects on television and radio reception.

Maintenance & Performance Tracking

How to look after the wind turbine?

urbanwinddesign has built a package of services that allow one to follow performance, energy production, and the life of the product.

Who is managing the maintenance?

The turbines are designed to last for a 20-year lifetime. Bearings are greased for life and sealed. But an annual check up is likely to be required and can be performed by our specially trained staff.